Two poems by William Cheeks

Let’s Fight To Be Free

Let’s fight to be free,

free from racism,

bigotry, oppression.

Let’s fight to be free.

free from self hatred,

arrogance, stupidity.

When do we fight to be free?

Now is the best time

to start this fight.

Let’s fight to be free

inside ourselves

Inside our minds

which must be free.

Free to think,

free to dream.

free to believe,

free to be me.

Let’s fight to be free

Don’t fight this fight


Let’s fight this fight

individually, collectively.

Let’s fight to be free

We have no choice

but to fight

for such a great cause.

Let’s fight to be free

for present and future


who must fight

to be free.

By William Cheeks

Scottsville VA


What is reality?

Reality is when

you get angry.

See yourself

without a job

without hope.

Without a chance

to fulfill

your dreams.

Reality is when

you see

racist police


They look at you

like you’re

a criminal.

They posture




Knowing they

have power

to bust your head


or to shoot you down

in cold blood.

What is your reality?

Is your reality


from mine?

I suppose it is.

My reality tells me

life is not

fair and equal.

African People,

People of Color

live a nightmarish


Rich White men live

high and lofty,

plenty of food to eat,

live in villas worldwide.

Secured fortresses,

blanketed inch by inch

by inch

in every nook

and cranny.

Poor people are trapped

like sardines

in a rat infested ghetto

existence, suffocated,

enclosed, surrounded

in a death trap.

High blood pressure,

suicide, drug abuse,

prostitution, idleness


What is reality to you

has been a nightmare

for me.

Change my reality,

then your reality

no longer

becomes a dream.

It brings you

to a reality

you want to

escape from.

Escape, live in a bed

of ease.

Too bad, this dream

cannot last,

escape if you try.

The same people

you step on,

step over

will some day bring you

to reality.

The last shall be first

the first shall be last.

You are not alone

a lie cannot stand


Your lies of comfort,

perfection, ease.

But at whose expense,

at what expense?

Not yours, not mine

but by some misconceived


That you deserve

an easy life.

This is not my reality,

nor your reality.

Reality says the rich

cannot take their wealth

with them when they die.

Reality says, all good things

must come to an end.

Face reality,

or reality

will face you

sooner or later.

Which choice will you make

in the matter?

By William Cheeks

Scottsville VA