Sundiata Jericho Speech

Thanks to all of you for coming out, to Jalil Montaqim for his overall leadership of the Jericho project, to Geronimo ji jaga, Sekou Odinga, Mutulu Shakur, and Jalil for their “founding POW” role in NALF whish in conjunction with the RNA and Jericho 98 Organizing committee made this March a reality.

Today marks a true turning point in the struggle to free all PP/POWs and in turn all oppressed nations and people in the u.s. The government has buried us PP/POWs in its dungeons for 25 years or more and said we didn’t exist. Well you and I are here today to say loud and clear: “We exist! We’re alive and kicking! and we’re going to keep on kicking until together we kick these walls down – in the prisons and the streets.”

But to do that we need your support in building a mass movement so that the nexot stage will actually free PP/POWs. And it can happen here. Just a few years ago the world’s #2 super power, the Soviet Union, looked invincible, then crumbled in the twinkling of an eye, and the Berlin Wall came tumbling down.

The same scenario awaits the u.s. It looks strong, but like the Roman Emipre it’s internally weak because it’s built on injustice, genocide, slavery, oppression, lies and hypocracies – all in pursuit of the almighty dollar – and it’s still going on today.

The u.s. obsession for profits has thrown a whole generation of youths to the dogs and now the government is so terrified of these youths that it’s locking them up in record numbers. I hope that many of these youths, the so-called “Lost Generation,” have found there way here today because the overriding message I get from these youths is that they hate hypocracy in any form, whether it’s from the government, society, their own parents or anyone who says one thing but does another; who speaks of lover, righteousness, sister- brotherhood, sharing and looking for each other but practices hatred, falsehood, selfishness, indifference toward their fellowman and only cares about what they can get for themselves.

Mass hypocracy forced many of our youths to say “To hell with it and you!,” and set out to find their own truth, along the way becoming the embodiment of defiance, rebelling in their own way against anything untrue, false or antagonistic to the true essence of love – usually personified, as they see it, by their own circle of peers, set or street organizations – even while misguidingly attacking their own communities.

The one message that I want to convey to these youths, and to all here today, is that the u.s. government is the world’s #1 hypocrite – and that the real fight against hypocracy begins with fighting against government oppression, not in fighting your own brothers, sisters, and neighbors.

So I ask you to make a commitment today to fight against real hypocracy and to join with others fighting to build a mass people’s movement with the political force necessary to not only free PP/POW’s but also youths, oppressed nations and oppressed peoples.

Free Mumia and all PP/POWs!

Sundiata Acoli – New Afrikan POW

USP Allenwood
White Deer, PA