Help Sekou Odinga

The Bureau of Prisons has not given up its assault on the human rights of New African Freedom Fighter Sekou Odinga. Although he had not disciplinary infractions, Sekou was moved last Fall from USP Lompoc to USP Marion for “greater supervision.” As long as the BOP characterizes it’s “punitive” transfers as “administrative,” the Courts will not intervene and the prisoner has no due process rights. At Marion he was under 23 hour lockdown.

Suddenly last week Sekou was taken from Marion in the middle of the night and eventually brought to Los Angeles where a grand jury is investigating and incident which occurred at USP Lompoc last year. Sekou’s former cellmate was accused of killing a corrections officer and the prison administration took the position that Sekou and some other inmates were responsible for this act. This is not true. At the time of this act, Sekou and the other inmates were in isolation.

Sekou was being held in the general population of the San Bernadino County Jail until Wednesday afternoon (February 11) when he was moved on, without any warning, by a squad of corrections officers and placed in an isolation cell. Sekou says that the cell is damp, dirty, has no running water and is totally isolated from all other inmates. He has now been told the cannot have any visits and he can only have legal calls.

Sekou Odinga is a Prisoner of War who takes the political position of non- collaboration with the grand jury. He will not testify before any secret proceeding. Protest Sekou’s conditions! Contact:

US Atty. Gen. Janet Reno . 202-514-2000 – 202-514-4371 (fax)

BOP Dir. Kathleen Hawk 202-307-3250 202-514-6878 (fax)

US Marshal’s Office, Los Angeles 213-894-4495 213-894-4955 (fax)

Call the US Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles 213-894-2434 to protest this waste of taxpayer’s money. Include Sekou’s registration number (05228-054) in any correspondence.