SAFC Update: Sundiata Parole Board and Appeal Hearing

Greetings supporters and friends of Sundiata Acoli,

Thanks to all who participated in Haikus for Sundiata, a day to post haikus inspired by Sundiata on social media! We received hundreds of haikus. You can read them by searching facebook and twitter under the hashtag #Haikus4Sundiata. We will also be compiling them soon, so check back for details.

Sundiata gave the Sundiata Acoli Freedom Campaign (SAFC)  an update on his May 1st annual review. The parole board will reduce his sentence by only three months, to be taken off the 8-year (illegal) hit they added to his time. He would not be eligible for parole for over four more years. It is important to note that Sundiata has 41 years in prison and is 75 years old. He has maintained a clean record.

Sundiata’s attorney will argue an appeal of denial before the New Jersey Appellate Division in Trenton, New Jersey on May 28, 2014. This is an important and significant day. Finally, the decision will be out of the hands of the parole board. SAFC will organize a group to attend in support of Sundiata. If you are in the area and would like to join us, email us at for more details.

SAFC is a not-for-profit organization. We are also raising critical funds for Sundiata’s legal fees. Donations of any amount can be made via Pay Pal:
If 250 people donate $20, we can raise $5,000 for Sundiata today!

Sundiata sends his deepest appreciation for all of your contributions, poems, prayers, and love! This day of creative action served to represent larger issues: the need for prison reform in the United States, compassionate release of elderly prisoners, and freedom for all political prisoners. You all are beautiful, powerful!