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The film formerly titled “A Power Sun”/”Wrack 21” is now named

The Black Panther Party New York Chapter & The Struggle of Sundiata Acoli

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“New York 21”:The Black a documentary exploring the Black Panther Party (herein BPP) Movement and the climate in New York (herein NY), including the states’ most expensive trial in its history, commonly known as the New York 21 (herein NY 21). The jury acquitted all defendants on all 156 collective counts. After their release, many of the activists were forced underground by the acts of law enforcement agencies and the COINTELPRO. This film pays homage to the cadre and introduces the Liberation Movement. This exploration is highlighted using the struggles of Sundiata Acoli, New York’s Lt. of Finance. Acoli shares his story through the depths of hell and back in the Liberation Movement in America; and brings into focus blatant cover-ups by a government who turned its back on justice.

The plot is navigated by the conversation between a grandmother, played by Irma P. Hall (Meet the Browns, Soul Food) and grandson, played by Omar Wiseman (Disney Channel), as she teaches him about the BPP NY Chapter in a game of chess. An exploration of Acoli’s life is revisted. Mutulu “M1” Olugbala (Dead Prez) portrays Sundiata Acoli.  Through the narratives, the film shares diverse and independent voices that have never been heard, but written about in many books and periodicals.

All monies raised using Kickstarter will go towards the last production expenses, which includes, but not limited to; filming, props, actors, editing, stock footage, color corrections, audio, fees, marketing, etc. Although we set our minimum at $5,000, there is no maximum amount of resources pledged that we won’t use in this production. Since this is a SAG film, it is eligible for awards not typical of standard films and can be distributed through a major network. Our efforts will ensure every door is knocked on to give a major network an opportunity to showcase this never-seen before footage.

“We decided to use Kickstarter because of its impeccable reputation of fundraising and promotions.” – Jamal Joseph

“Every dollar pledged will be used for end-of-production and post-production expenses.” – Pamela Hanna

“This film is a one-of-a-kind. It’s been in the making for 10 years. We must support this film and have it released NOW!” – Bonnie Kerness

“I am honored to donate my time and celebrity for this film.” – Irma P. Hall