Next Generation

This poem was submitted by Bro. Sundiata to Sis. Kiilu Nyasha’s PP Workshop for the 45th Anniversary of the Black Panther Party. (10/2011)

Next Generation

Your work has not been forgotten
Tho they try to hold you down
Undermining our liberation
Thinking when you’re not around…

The work stops there
But they’ve made a grave mistake
If they think that we’ve all fallen
And our strength’s about to break

But your fight to keep us Free
Really  mesmerizes me

So I’ve come to join the Fight
To give My People Freedom Rights

I’ll continue with the Struggle
For My People’s Liberation
Because I’m the Next Generation.

By V. Camilla Hippolyte
and Youths of the All African People’s
Developement & Empowerment Project
of Dunedin FL.

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