Carotid Surgery

by Sundiata Acoli

They took me to an outside hospital for surgery on my right carotid artery which carries blood thru the neck to my brain. Blockage of these arteries can lead to brain damage called a stroke.

The surgery was done to remove deposits or plaque from my neck artery. The deposits/plaque can slow or even stop blood flow thru the artery.

An opening was cut in my neck, clamps placed above and below the plaque in my carotic artery where sometimes a temporary bypass is used to maintain blood flow around the area being operated on. The artery was opened, cleared of plaque and sewn back together. The clamps and any bypass tubes were removed and the neck incision was closed with stitches. The operation lasted 1 and 1/2 hour.

I was returned to FCI Cumberland, MD that afternoon or the next and full recovery is expected in 2 weeks.