Awakening Resistance by Sundiata Acoli

By Sundiata Acoli

Published in 2018 Certain Days Political prisoner calendar

Writing this piece is like writing on beach sand …in a windstorm. The facts change with every news cycle. But fortunately there remain real facts that stand the test of time.

May 27th, 2017 was a day that Amerika lost it’s innocence. Jared Kushner, son-in-law of Donald Trump, was reported that day to have set up back channel (secret) communications to hold secret talks and discuss secret projects between the Russians and the Amerikans.

i have long suspected that some countries hold back channel communications with their adversaries during certain confrontations to prevent misinterpretations of their actions. At such times each side can show themselves bold and courageous in the face of terrifying threats, plus test their citizenry’s resolve to follow their leaders to the Gates of Hell, if necessary. In other words, to shadow box on the world stage.

Otherwise, the U.S. is a dying superpower. It  has won only one war (Iraq I) in the last 70 years. All others were either lost: Vietnam, a draw: Korea, still raging and yet to be decided: Iraq II, Afghanistan, Syria, and Somalia or the opponent was too small (Grenada) to rate as a super power “win.” If the U.S. is to continue it must hitch it’s star to a legitimate power, either Russia or China, or forfeit its superpower status.

Trump is a White nationalist who seemingly prefers to hook the U.S. to Russia as opposed to China – and in that way extend U.S./Russian/European global rule for a generation or so more before the inevitable sets in.

Trump apparently proposed some type of back channel scheme in which he and Russia’s, President Putin, would become partners but at times appear to be enemies who would earn the eternal adulation of their people by keeping them proud, patriotic and prosperous inside-traders of fake war scares, fake sanctions and fake wars with few real casualties while inducting the winning nation into a fake White world.

The Russian ambassador publically exposed Trump’s back channel proposal which Putin publically and promptly rejected. Where we go from here in the next few years is anybody’s guess but that was your central question so the following are my best answers/observations.

*My view is that Trump is likely to serve his full term in office after creating an irreconcilable constitutional crisis in the government’s investigation of him or in the government’s inability to function effectively.

*That being said he’s likely to use his remaining time in office to enact racist right-wing legislation that enhances the rich, negotiates safe passage for him, his family and cronies, whips up hysteria and deadly police violence against targeted racial, religious, gender, drug and class groups, and that keep the Republican Party alive.

*Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ public shoutouts for all-maximum sentences is a recipe for mass imprisonment, constant declarations of martial law and for the eventual embrace of a minority White supremacist government in the U.S.

*In turn the U.S. would likely use Trump’s “unpredictability” to the same advantage that the Chinese use North Korea’s Kim Jong-un which could easily trigger Russia to seek it’s own “rouge” nuclear partner: Iran, Turkey, or to nuclearize Syria to more level the playing field.

*The long term domination/exploitation of Black and other communities of color by racist, bloodsucking and corrupt police, businesses and politicians keep our communities in turmoil, our families and schools dysfunctional and little more than conveyor belts to prison where cheap slave labor wages are transformed into subsidies that help keep White worker’s wages high, production cost low and U.S. products competitive on the global market again.

*The only solution for people of color and all other oppressed people is to unite against our common oppressor for the freedom of all oppressed people.

Sundiata Acoli

June 7th, 2017