A Message from Sundiata: Thank you for Senses of Freedom


Greetings Senses of Freedom (SOF) Participants, Attendees, Special Guest and other Contributors,

i hope this finds each of yor as happy and pleased as i am with your amazing response to the National Day of Poetic/Hip Hop Action for me, Sundiata Acoli. i couldn’t have asked for a more successful outcome.

My warmest appreciation to all those who contributed online and via snailmail and a special thanks to those who held public Senses of Freedom events in the  cities of  Newark NJ, Portland OR, New Orleans LA, Brooklyn NY, Philadelphia PA, Oakland CA, Houston TX, Baltimore MD, Detroit MI, Washington DC, and my highest praise to their Special Guest/Participants/Sponsors: The Venerable Sis Amina Baraka, Hakim Green, Jerry Gant, Sean Battle, DJ Darrin Dee, Zayid Muhammad, Margie “Mia X” Johnson, Bre “Blkbrry Molassez” Knight, Fayemi Shakur, inspiration for the online “Senses of Freedom” logo and flyers; Oba Akin, The Student Entertainment Club, The Hip Hop Students Association, The ECC Africana Institute, Peoples Organization for Progress, The Newark Anti-violence Coalition, The Washington DC National Black United Front, Salim Adofo: Oregon Jericho, Rochell Rodeezy Hart, Renee Mitchelll, Mic Crenshaw, Blacque Butterfly, Ahjamu Umi, Kashea Kilsonn-Anderson, Walidah Imarisha, Glenn Waco, Jaime Limon-Guzman, Enjoni Restaurant, Marie Shepard-Glenn, KBOO Radio, All Africans Peoples Revolutionary Party, Critical Resistance Portland; RAE House, Jackie Sumell, Mwalimu Johnson, FreeQuency, A Scribe Called Quess?, Truth Universal, Hasan Salaam, Sis Dequi Kioni-Sadiki Odinga, Mogadisha, Sophia Dawson; Sundiata Bookstore in Oakland; Houston’s National Black United Front & their long time always faithful Comrade Bros & Sis; Maryland State’s Jericho Eddie Conway, Abdul Jabbar, Caliph, Ameejill Whitlock, Lultho Kwame and participating Poets…and many others.

Thank you one and all for your tremendous support. Let us march on till victory is won.

In  Struggle