Two Poems by déqui kioni-sadiki

TERRORISM!!!! i live with terror everyday

i am a Wife, Mother, Sista, Grandmother

a Black womyn

kidnapped long-ago, bought & sold in amerikkka

that is the terror i live with everyday

i live with terror because the Man i Love

Sekou Mgobozi Abdullah Odinga

is captured behind enemy lines

a u.s. held PP/POW

in the prison death camps of amerikkka

that sanctioned the murders of

Albert Nuh Washington

Kwasi Balagoon

Teddy Jah Heath

Bashir Hameed

Merle Africa

kept Mumia & Zolo on death row

& would like the exact same life & death for

Sundiata Acoli

Imam Jamil Al-Amin

Herman Bell

Veronza Bowers

Robert Seth Hayes

Mondo we Langa

Abdul Majid

Jalil Muntaqim

Kamau Sadiki

Mutulu Shakur

my Man & all our freedom-Loving

captured Freedom Fighters

i live with terror knowing that they

lynched, burned, mutilated Black bodies in

Tulsa, Wilmington, Atlanta, everywhere

just like they murdered






Jonathan & then his brother George



Trayvon & all those Black boys & Black men

somebody’s Son, Father, Husband, Grandfather, Brother, Uncle or Friend

that they always always get away with murdering

i live with terror

remembering how they placed a $40,000 “wanted” dead or alive bounty on Harriet’s head

while hunting every one of her freedom-seeking refused to be a slave runaways

tried to burn down Ida

stalked & harassed Billie

ran Rosa outta town

beat Fannie Lou

cheated Nina

killed Eleanor

shot, tortured & dis-labeled Assata a “terrorist”

while placing a $2 million bounty on her Afrikan head

you see Black people live with terror generations deep

in the Cointelpro’s that operate as much today

in the Patriot Act, Homeland Security, this Surveillance State

& all its wickedly repressive tools of war to crush dissent & resistance

as it did 40 years ago

when it criminalized, targeted, framed, drove into exile

& murdered dozens of BPP/BLA soldiers

so that

in these streets

on the train

in ‘theys’ schools

in the families we call our own

young & old eyes tell the painful twisted stories of

oppression, injustice & terror

in the many angry


beaten down

disconnected Black/Brown souls

who grow up children, marry, divorce, go to work, school & about their lives everyday

knowing that any time

the u.s. government

its killer police

its military

the real terrorists


they will come after them

after me

after you

after everyone of us

until who is left to ‘carry it on’

Black people know terrorism is the history of amerikkka’s politics

past, present & future

yet everyday

we get up & start all over again

everyday & everyday & everyday

till we are FREE                                  déqui kioni-sadiki (edited sept 17th 2014)

Poetcetera 30th Anniversary Tribute to George Edward Tait

George Edward Tait

not only the Poet Laureate of Harlem

but the Poet Laureate of Black & New Afrikan freedom fighting

the Poet Laureate of our 30 & 40 year unjustly imprisoned

BPP/BLA/RNA freedom fighters

this here

Poet Laureate makes it his business

to answer when we


the Jericho Movement

the Sekou Odinga Defense Committee


he answers in the language of Resistance & Freedom

& mighty mighty Mau Mau rhythms

loud & proud

fierce & strong

self-determined & courageous

armed & ready to defend

our PP/POWs

pen in hand

truth-telling bullets of Afrikan warriorwords

aimed at this criminal enterprise of u.s. injustice

making plain

what others

even some of us

choose to






George Edward Tait

our Poet Laureate brother

puts it down

keeps on pushing us on

reminding & teaching

that our freedom is a constant struggle

this here struggle is protracted

days & weeks & months & years & generations & centuries

millenniums deep

& he don’t stop

& we don’t stop

till there ain’t no such thing as “Political Prisoner Blues”

déqui kioni-sadiki January 27th 2013

shared with permission