Sundiata Acoli Question #1 From Jalili

Bro. Jalili: What’s your view on this whole Presidential fiasco?

Bro. Sundiata: Well, first i wonder why you call it a fiasco (meaning a “complete failure”)?
Also a fiasco for who? For Black people? For Obama? The Clintons? McCain, the u.s. or who?
Any way, i assume you’re asking for my view on “this whole BLACK Presidential thing?” and
if so, then i think it’s a normal progression (or next step) in the struggle for power between Blacks
and other oppressed people, and our enemy.

Most political people are familiar with neo-colonialism (Black mask/White skin) and know that
our enemy needs Obama to present a Black face to the world to help White imperialist and their
allies hold on to world power a little longer.

But that in no way changes the fact that the Black masses fervently want Obama to win, and
so do a lot of other nationalities (especially youths) here and abroad. Nor does it change the fact
that Blacks see Obama (or a Black President) as a concrete symbol of progress, hope and success in our long
struggle for freedom, equality and justice in the u.s.

So now i guess you’re also asking what do i want to see happen? i want to see Obama win. Not
that i think he’s going to “part the waters” for Blacks or do much that’s different from what any other
White politician would/could do. And frankly, some of his positions stated in his AIPAC and other
speeches scare me to death.

But mainly, i think his Presidency would serve to push the Black masses (and others oppressed)
past their long held belief that a “Black President” means we’ve achieved freedom. If Obama
wins i think his tenure will eventually show Blacks (and others oppressed) in a positive way that
“color really doesn’t matter,” that a Black (or non-White) President in itself makes no difference, that
the system itself must be changed and the only way that’s going to happen is that we, the oppressed,
band together to change this racist imperialistic system ourselves.

Now if Obama doesn’t win (due to foul deed or not) it’s going to anger and radicalize a lot of Blacks
and other oppressed people and move them beyond relying on conventional politics alone as a means
to bring about real change.

So my view on the whole matter is that it’s generally a win-win position for Black and oppressed
people. Whether Obama wins or loses, it will eventually push us forward and unite us for real change.
But that also means our greatest challenge, as oppressed peoples, will be to overcome the deluge
of sinister divisive tactics that the enemy has in store for us in attempt to continue his rule over us.




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