Senses of Freedom: A New Poem by Sundiata Acoli


image courtesy of Vanessa Huang/haiku by Vanessa Huang

Senses of FREEDOM

Freedom FEELS sublime

like a slow Sunday morn in the springtime

of your lover.

The kids are outside

delighting in the new turn of the tide

and each other.

Children are priceless again,

women are liberated.

All races are respected

and the people placated.

SOUNDS of a Sax Supreme,

riffs of laughter, Salsa and Country themes

all syncopate with the Trane.

Indigenous drums toll:

“The Long War’s Over” as soft wind chimes knoll

in matching refrain.

No “Shots fired!” today.

No mother crying for her child.

No stroll thru the morgue tonight.

Just the best night’s sleep in a long while.

Aromas of fine wines

and SCENTS of baked breads draw the masses to dine

outdoors in the street.

The Haves share freely

with the Nots now as both have equally

when they meet.

No need for snatching, grabbing

or fighting to be first.

There’s enough for all now

in this wisely-shared universe.

A TASTE honey

on earth, sweeter than the sweetest pastry,

milk, or sugar tea.

People living free,

controlling their own lives and destiny,

as it should be.

Looking back, SIGHTING

ahead to a legacy of lightings

delayed by theft.

But back on path at last,

seeking keys from the present past

to the age old mysteries of LOVE & JOY, LIFE and DEATH.

Sundiata Acoli,

August 31, 2014

FCI Cumberland MD