By Sundiata Acoli – 1/06

Under the present system most federal prisoners must serve 85% of their sentences before being released. Almost no provisions exist for federal prisoners to earn early release thru good behavior, superior work performance, outstanding achievements and the like. A federal prisoner sentenced to 10 years today must serve 8 1/2 years before being released; one sentenced to 20 years must serve 17 years before release, no if, ands or buts.

Under the old Federal Parole System all first-offenders were eligible for parole after serving 1/3, or 33%, of their sentence. Also, most were actually paroled after completing 1/3 of their sentence and all reached *mandatory release* upon serving 2/3, or 67%, of their sentence. A federal prisoner sentenced to 10 years under the old laws was usually paroled after doing 3 1/3 years and reached mandatory release at 6 2/3 years; one sentenced to 20 years was normally paroled after 6 2/3 years, or mandatorily released after 13 1/3 years.

Now Congressman Danny Davis (D-IL) has introduced to the House, HR 3072, a bill To Revive the System of Parole for Federal Prisoners. In order to get this bill passed he needs the support of other congresspersons nationwide.


Write and/or call *your* Congressperson (*contact info provided below) and urge him/her to “co-sponsor HR 3072, a bill *To Revive the System of Parole for Federal Prisoners*,” so that:

1) Your family member, loved one or friend in the federal prison may be released early and reunited with you earlier;


2) Billions of tax dollars being spent to confine mostly non-violent drug offenders can be saved or diverted to better and proven methods of solving drug abuse and addiction problems;


3) A safer society can be built by promoting rehabilitation, shorter incarceration times for deserving prisoners, relief of dangerous prison overcrowding, prohibition of another wasteful and futile spree of prison-building and promotion of a better use of public funds to strengthen needed social programs;


4) Whatever other reasons you feel the old Federal Parole System should be reviewed.

After you write and/or call your Congressperson, get your family members and friends to write/call their Congressperson.

*To get your Congresspersons address(es) and telephone numbers access and click on *your* state; it will give you all contact info for your Congressperson. Write your Congressperson at her/his local office. It will reach him/her faster. Letters to his/her Washington D.C. address will be delayed several months while being checked for anthrax.

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