My sincerest condolence to Ali Bey Hassan and family on the
passing of his wife, Susan Burnett.

i and almost everyone who knows her will dearly miss her and
the constant many-faceted ways she contributed to the struggle
to free all oppressed people.

Susan was a founding member of the Sundiata Acoli Freedom
Campaign. She led it thru its formative years and well into
its later development ~ and i’m forever indebted to her for
doing so.

During our sojourn together we encountered both good times
and rough times, harmony and friction, joys and sorrows ~
but thru it all i never had a moments doubt that she had
my and oppressed people’s best interest at heart. Overall
i’m convinced that a bigger heart and a more dedicated
comrade than Susan can not be found.

May Susan Burnett rest in peace, assured that her spirit
lives on, cherished by us who loved her so.

Sundiata Acoli

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