Note From Sundiata Acoli

Just a brief note to send my warmest solidarity and thanks to you all … for your show of concern and support for Black political prisoners and prisoners of war, and political prisoners and prisoners of war in general, over the years.

Your continued support is needed today, just as much as it was needed twenty or more years ago at the height of the COINTELPRO era when many of us first entered prison. COINTELPRO continues, just as strong today, although by some other name, as witnessed by the recent entrapment of Qubilah Shabazz, the naive, easily-misled middle-daughter of Malcolm X. COINTELPRO-like programs continue in the prisons, too. Obviously, there’s a need for the formation of a legal clinic or group that’s dedicated to exposing COINTELPRO-like programs, past and present, both in the streets and in the prisons. Its “dirty tricks” and slanderous reports set up outside people for arrest or worse, and similar unchallenged tactics in the prisons keep many of today’s political prisoners and prisoners of war from being released.

There are various ways to support political prisoners and prisoners of war, but one of the better ways is to write one, or write them, and ask how you can best support them. Another way is to send them a donation towards their commissary. Most political prisoners and prisoners of war can always use commissary support although they don’t always like to admit it, or ask for it.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to this brief message, and I hope you enjoy the program.

Sundiata Acoli