I Ain’t Gotta Tell You (Cause You Already Know) by Sabastian Abu Williams


Our love ones, cause we are in jail, to protect us, their love for us,
won’t allow them to tell us, they are heart broken and catching hell/
in society, not only trying to find a meal to eat – the economy crushed
our communities/it’s no longer a condition of living poorly, it’s below
sub-poverty/ Now the fear, is being kicked out into the streets/

When you call home, love ones don’t want to hear about you being
in the hole/ For real, they would think you’re mentally ill/ All the hell
they’re catching, they need you home and helping with the bills/

Times are harder and money’s coming in slow/
but I ain’t got’ ta tell you cause you already know/

I would tell you, kids visit us in jail and they feel like crying, If we tell them we’re
never coming home, they feel like dying/ We’re suppose to protect and provide for them
and we’re the ones that whining/
A young man had five children, I ain’t lying, last month he went home and caught
five to the head cause he went bact to grinding/ Our women love us, over the years
times getting harder, kids got’ ta eat, so now they got step-fathers/

(Repeat hook 2X’s)

Why aren’t there any mandatory Prisoner’s Help Programs in jail?
Funding is being gut for drugs, education, jobs, and housing programs on the outside
as well/ I ain’t got ‘ta tell, don’t it seem to be we’re set-up to fail?

No going back to hustling anymore/ Keys from overseas, slinging at corner stores/
Gangs are not like they use to be before, members are killing leaders or rewards are
under your face posted on bill-boards/ TIPS, think your homies would call?/

(REPEAT hook 2X’s)

Going back to the streets? You’re sure to die, Someone starving in the grind/ If it’s by cops,
your murder will be ruled a justified homicide/

Only God can save us cause–

(REPEAT hook 2X’s) and fade out.

Written and copyrighted by:

Sabastian Abu Williams #25017-050
P.O. Box 1000
FCI Otisville
Otisville NY 10963