For April 24, 1999

Upon entering middle-age birthdays normally become mundane
affairs that are acknowledged gracefully for its recognition from
a few loved ones, close comrades/friends and one's children,
if they remember.  But i suspect that on Death Row it's different,
with each birthday becoming a cherished milestone reached, a
desperate battle won in an unending war for survival and with
only a moment's respite to reflect on having beat back the hand
for one more year that's even now thrusting forward again,
intent on taking one's life.

So it's with profound respect and love that i join the MILLIONS 4
MUMIA in wishing Mumia Happy Birthday! -- and for many many
more birthdays to live out his life in freedom, peace and enjoying
the company of his grandchildren; having taught the world how
to struggle, and to win.

And it will happen if we are determined to make it so.  If we forget
for one moment that the enemy is determined to take Mumia from
us and is only waiting for the proper time, for things to cool down,
for our attention to wander and for us to tire of demonstrating,
marching, petitioning, calling-in, writing-in and boycotting.  The
enemy is waiting.

So we have to show the enemy that he can wait til hell freezes
over but he's not taking Mumia from us and that we're just as
determined, and moreso than he, to keep on building the pressure,
to keep adding and bringing new forces to the fray in wave after
wave of innovative ways that step up the pace, increase
civil disobedience and show that we will not relent, and that we
will accept nothing less than Mumia's total and complete freedom.
That calls for more sweat and sacrifice but the more sweat in peace
the less blood in war.

Free Mumia and all PP/POW's