Haikus for Sundiata Tumblr Page and Statement

Haikus for Sundiata, held May 2nd, was a social media campaign asking folks to share haikus they had written for Sundiata Acoli. The response was overwhelming in the best way possible. There were hundreds of haikus written. We are still working on compiling, so check back to the tumblr for updates:


Sundiata wanted to send his personal thank you to everyone who participated to make the event such an incredible success:

Greetings Comrades,

Thank each of you for your tremendous support. Frankly, i’m truly astonished, honored and humbled by the outpouring of Love, Social Consciousness, Artistic Genius and Serious Fun you’ve shown me in your “haikus 4 Sundiata.”
i deeply appreciate your Solidarity – and may it continue til we all get free!

With Love, and Struggle,

Sundiata Acoli