geronimo ji Jaga

geronimo ji Jaga

geronimo ji Jaga was a true “Top Soldier,” highly skilled in warfare, tested and proven on the battlefields of Viet Nam, he returned stateside to put his expertise at the service of the Black Panther Party, the Black Liberation Army and other select organizations of the era. He saved many lives. He made many soldiers.

geronimo, or “G” as we called him, was our much beloved comrade, brother, hero and leader. He was also a father and husband who literally gave his entire life over to the liberation of Afrikans, here and abroad, and other oppressed people worldwide. He was all that – and yet he was one of the most forgiving persons i’ve ever known. It was part of his makeup, and his enigma.

G fought to the end, he gave all that he had and we, Afrikans and others oppressed, are all the better for it. We are forever in his debt.

May the Ancestors receive him with their proudest salute to a returning soldier.

In Struggle,

Sundiata Acoli