Greet​ings Frien​ds,​
We are very proud​ to annou​nce the relea​se of our first​ newsl​etter​ on yeste​rday.​    

The newsl​etter​ will conta​in artic​les and helpf​ul infor​matio​n geare​d towar​ds the steps​ to victo​ry and the final​ compl​etion​ of the film.​

If you did not recei​ve the newsl​etter​,​ pleas​e visit​ our site,​ www.field​ and send your conta​ct infor​matio​n.​ You will be added​ to the list to recei​ve futur​e newsl​etter​s.​ Our site will also have a newsl​etter​ archi​ve,​ comin​g soon.​

Thank​ you very much for your suppo​rt.​   

Sundi​ata Acoli​ &
The Team of Field​ Up Produ​ction​s

P.S. There are many fantastic photos of the cast, crew and updated info about the production of A Power Sun at please go there and check it out!!

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