August 8th Again 2:37 (2014) by Mumia Abu-Jamal

August 8th Again 2:37 (2014)


African-American History Museum
7th and Arch Streets (map/directions)
Philadelphia, PA 19106
* Free admission
Program marking 36th anniversary that innocent MOVE family members have been wrongfully imprisoned and 6 years they have been illegally & unjustly denied parole. Join the MOVE family, Michael Coard (activist/author, Philadelphia); Alton Maddox (NYC People’s Atty/activist); Dr. Walter Palmer (Prof. & mediator in 1977-78)
More info: (215) 386-1165 or


[col. writ. 7/28/14] © ’14 Mumia Abu-Jamal

An admission: I hate writing about August 8th, 1978.


It reminds me that 8 living MOVE members are still in prison today, over 33 years after the events of August 8th, 1978.

On the one hand, MOVE men and women, are model prisoners, and should’ve been paroled years ago. On the other, if they were anyone else, they would’ve been paroled long ago.

They are in prison today precisely because they are MOVE members — the same reason they were originally imprisoned.

They are thus doubly punished for their beliefs and affiliations; those facets of personhood said to be protected by the First Amendment.

But the continued imprisonment of MOVE people has nothing to do with the constitution and everything to do with politics.

For politicians have risen to high office on MOVE, and they wish to continue to do so.

And lost in these images are real and decent people like:  Eddie Africa, Janine, Phil, Janet, Delbert, Debbie, Chuck and Mike Africa. Grandfathers, fathers, sons; grandmothers, mothers and daughter – real people. Beautiful, good and decent men and women.

There’s another reason why I hate writing about August 8th, 1978.

How many of you know that at least 4 or the MOVE people – all of the women and at least one of the men (Eddie Africa) – were never convicted of weapons charges?  (I said at least 4 — there may be more!)

I hate writing about August 8th, 1978 because it angers me. And it angers me because it is a case of naked injustice.

And we all know it.

The courts know it. Lawyers know it. Journalists know it. And politicians know it – – and no one does a damn thing about it.

And these people continue to suffer unjustly.

We need a Movement on behalf of MOVE, to write a new ending to this monstrous injustice.

–© ‘14maj