Day of Freedom – Poem for Sundiata

This poem was written for Sundiata as part of the Sept. 22nd Day of Poetic/Hip Hop Action for Sundiata Acoli. It responded to the prompt Sundiata created called Senses of Freedom: “What would freedom look/smell/taste/sound/feel like after the revolution?”

Day of Freedom

by Mari Shepard-Glenn

I am imprisoned.
Iron molded bars,
I have created my own cage,
but I still have dreams.
I imagine running down the beach,
Kite trailing behind
Ready to catch wind
And soar.
I am in the newspaper,
Misrepresented again.
My story misconstrued, and
My lips are dry.
Voice buried under judgement,
Autumn awakens something in me and I am still shouting.
My arms stretch out like branches,
Seasoned and mighty.
I am still human.
I am raw.