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Time: April 24, 2010 from 5pm to 7pm
Location: worldwide web
Organized By: Black-Unity (bka) moorbey/Rev. Majadi Baruti

Event Description:
YOU are the donors making A Power Sun and Wrack 21 film projects come possible. This is truly an exciting time for Field Up Productions because this is our way of giving back to the community. It’s with pride and honor that we highlight YOU in this section. Not only does it signify your commitment to our mission with the film projects; it is YOUR action to fulfill the promises of our goals.

Freedom fighters and legendary figures like Sundiata Acoli, The Shakur’s Assata & Afeni, (Zayd & Lumumba-posthumously), Dhoruba bin Wahad, Joan Bird, and countless others are included in the film and are on the roll of supporters. These champions gave of themselves to advance the cause of liberation and freedom to oppressed nations.

Field Up Productions, through film, is trying to carry on that tradition. We need more people like YOU to get involved and assist us with this mission. YOU help strengthen our bond of solidarity as we break the chains of traditional pre and post civil rights documentary films. YOU help us continue to tell our story and claim our own victories.

Contributions are being put to work NOW! Our work depends on the support of conscience and principled people like YOU. Thank you for answering our call to action.

Dawn McGhee
Producer, Director, Writer

Event Description:
Sundiata Acoli s/n Clark Edward Squire, was reared in a small town in Texas, worked as a Computer Systems Analyst for NASA with astronaut Neil Armstrong, and became known as one of the loyalist activists during the Civil Rights Movement and beyond. With a home front war brewing, a people allegiant to educating and liberating the oppressed was the goal. Former Black Panther Party (herein BPP) member and current prisoner, Sundiata Acoli shares his story via vocal narration and dramatic elements about his journey through the depths of hell and back in the Liberation Movement in America.

A POWER SUN tells of a courageous man, who served as the Party’s Lt. of Finance, and blatant cover-ups by a government who turned its back on justice; taking viewers on an expedition of realism, unveiling the untold experience that stunned Americans in the past…and many people around the world today, making this film – history in the present.

A POWER SUN shares diverse and independent voices that have never been heard, but written about in many books and periodicals. Acoli joins his comrades, family and friends in a chilling, yet true testament of his life from childhood to his current struggles as a prisoner.

A POWER SUN is an extraordinary dramatic documentary exploring the many aspects of the BPP Movement and the climate of the times in New York (herein NY), including the states’ longest and most expensive trial in its history and the Liberation Movement, with direct accounts, historical context and critical perspectives from former BPP NY Chapter members and others while learning the about the New Jersey Turnpike tragedy and life as a prisoner. The film’s plot is navigated by the conversation between a grandmother, Eartha ”Mama Earth” Kahn, played by Irma P. Hall (Meet the Browns, Soul Food) and grandson, Cinque Kahn, played by Omar Wiseman (Disney Channel), as “Mama Earth” teaches Cinque about the BPP NY Chapter using a unique game of chess on a recreational park set. As Cinque learns chess, a by-stander in the park, Sun, listens to the instructions and applies the lessons to his life. An exploration of Acoli’s life is revisited. The audience experiences the surreal life of Acoli while hearing thought provoking testimonies and learning about a select cadre of leaders in the Party, as well as, learning the art of chess.

A POWER SUN is produced and executed with the highest professional and ethical standards. The film’s director, writer and producer, Dawn McGhee says, “This film combines the true history of a dynamic movement, while re-creating the accounts of his story”. Through the narratives, A POWER SUN joins the past and the present within an innovative film structure guided by accuracy and strong conviction that will change the lives of all people from the four corners of this world.

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